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Both display and base unit distinguish themselves through very unobtrusive forms and straight lines , which in turn are very fitting for the appellation “Timeline”. Membership is free, and your security and privacy remain protected. Intel Core 2 Solo SU The audio out jack on my Acer is broken and now I need to replace the board. There are small permanent latches on both sides of the keyboard. Touch screen visibility and operation was great and easy to navigate.

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Acer Aspire Timeline 4810T notebook

What is happening is its pulsing on and off every couple of acer 4810t putting a tiny bit of charge in. I was afraid to break the connector but everything went fine.

The Aspire T can primarily score due to its excellent battery life of up to 9. The latter one has to be ranked in the beginner’s area Geforce M GS in terms of performance, but the ATI chip nevertheless has greater reserve acer 4810t at its disposal than e.

Acer Aspire T Acer 4810t wcer use a acer 4810t 2. Hi, I tried to replace the keyboard by pushing 5 latches on top of F1- F12 keys. The biggest power-saving comes through the use of a low-voltage Intel Core 2 Duo processor, running at 1.

However, the T is on a good way as far as emissions are concerned. If the Aspire T is acer 4810t used for multimedia, this variant of configuration is by all means worth consideration.


Hi what about the screen?? It’s likely Acer 4810t has a winner on their hands with the Aspire Timeline T. Good basic features and Acer’s acer 4810t ader point strategy can only mean this notebook will be appeal to most consumers. They now and again resemble the single-key layout acer 4810t Apple’s Macbooks, the keys’ interspace however stays empty here. The acer 4810t has had a little attention paid to it, and it supports multi-touch gestures. The screen itself is reasonable; you won’t notice its foibles while looking at photos or watching films, but DisplayMate revealed a limited contrast range that will stop particularly bright or dark areas of an image being clear.

Mark, You are welcome. The laptop’s battery life of course also profits from that. Acer advertises with the notebook’s especially comprehensive features: Please, switch off acer 4810t blockers. The case made a good impression in the test nevertheless and offered good stability and resistance to pressure, with the exception of the optical drive. Limited 3D performance and the low-voltage processor mean the Aspire T won’t suit all users.

As with almost all laptops at this price, acr a Super-TFT panel with a glossy coating that helps to provide vibrant colours.

Acer Aspire T Timeline specs – Engadget

Outdoor usage acer 4810t possible to a limited extent glare display. Typing on my Acer laptop now.


I used it for my Aspire TZ. However, we did not quite get along with the “Circular-motion scrolling”, which is supposed to be initiated by a spiral-like movement of the finger. Acer 4810t, it is barely amazing that the thin plastic frame above and below the drive bay does not look very good when punctual pressure is acer 4810t.

Nondescript looks acer 4810t plodding performance are elevated by absolutely stunning battery life Single Review, online available, Short, Date: That’s okay though because you can add your own review and we’ll feature it here.

acer 4810t Light in weight at 1. ITNews Australia Slick looks and astonishing battery life make this the pick of the bunch for travelers, especially for the acrr person on the go.

The modern cinema-format helps precious little for common office usage, since almost all conventional programs are rather oriented vertically. The Buyer’s Guide Find it, buy it and tell us how you really acer 4810t.

The Aspire T reached very good minutes during WLAN operation at maximum brightness and respectively active energy-saver mode, and at least minutes 5 hours during DVD ace. Disconnect all cables found under acer 4810t keyboard.

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