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The HiQV chipsets contain a multimedia engine that allow a 16bpp window to be overlayed on the screen. Many laptops use the programmable clock of the x chips at the console. If you use the ” overlay ” option, then there are actually two framebuffers in the video memory. Further to this some of the XAA acceleration requires that the display pitch is a multiple of 64 pixels. If it is a standard mode and frequency that your screen should be able to handle, try to find different timings for a similar mode and frequency combination. A sample of an incomplete ” xorg. Firstly, the ct chipset must be installed on a PCI bus.

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However careful use of this option might boost performance. It should be noted that the dual channel display options of the require the use of additional memory bandwidth, as each display channel independently accesses the video memory. Technloogies allows the user to select a different clock for the server to use when returning to the text console. This chip is basically identical to the This information will be invaluable in debugging any problems.

Otherwise it has the the same properties as the It overrides the options “LcdCenter” and “NoStretch”. For this reason it is recommended to use one of the programs that automatically generate xorg. However there are many differences at a register level.

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Using this option, when the virtual desktop is scrolled away from the zero position, the pixmap cache becomes visible. If you are having driver-related problems that are not addressed by this document, or if you have found bugs in accelerated functions, you can try contacting the Xorg team the current driver maintainer can be reached at eich freedesktop. The clocks in the x series of chips are internally divided nad 2 for 16bpp and 3 for 24bpp, allowing one modeline to be used at all depths.


Some users prefer to use clocks that are defined by their BIOS.

Typically this will give you some or all of the clocks In fact the timing for the flat panel are dependent on the specification of the panel itself and are independent of the particular mode chosen. For the HiQV series of chips, the memory clock can be successfully probed. The Xorg X server, allows the user to do damage to their hardware with software with old monitors which may not tolerate bad display settings.

The xx technolkgies can use MMIO for all gechnologies with the video processor.

If this option is removed form xorg. This sets the physical memory base address of the linear framebuffer. Note that all of the chips except the rev A are 3.

If the colours seem darker than they should be, perhaps your ramdac is has 8 significant bits. Use caution as excess heat generated by the video processor if its specifications are exceeded might cause damage.

This document attempts to discuss the features of this driver, the options useful in configuring it and the known problems. The reason for this is that the manufacturer has used the panel timings to get a standard EGA mode to work on flat panel, and these same timings don’t work for an SVGA mode. For LCD modes, it is possible that your LCD panel requires different panel timings at the text console than with a graphics mode.


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The problem here is that the flat panel needs technologise that are related to the panel size, and not the mode size. We recommend that you try and pick a mode that is similar to a standard VESA mode.

There has been much confusion about exactly what the clock limitations of the Chips and Technologies chipsets are. For CRT’s you can also try to tweak the mode timings; try increasing the second horizontal value somewhat.

The amount of ram required for the framebuffer will vary depending on the size of the screen, and will reduce the amount of video ram available to the modes. In addition to this many graphics operations are speeded up using a ” pixmap cache “.

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It has the same ID and is identified as a when probed. Using this option the mode can technoolgies centered in the screen. However the panel size will still be probed. For other screen drawing related problems, try the ” NoAccel ” or one of the XAA acceleration options discussed above.