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I do find them a little exaggerated in regards to bass response, but their colourful nature is actually what makes them exciting and most importantly enjoyable headphones to wear when listening to pop, rock and dance music. In this price range it is a very good choice. Asus even offer full channel mix support which will prove useful in specific situations. In reality you are likely to get mixed results using this method, although some people will enjoy playing with the wealth of options within the software itself. This means that high resolution audio tracks downloaded from websites such as HDTracks can be played back in their full sonic glory.

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There are no doubt better options for specific headphones, but this dd33005 is able to drive to a very wide range of headphones from 16 to ohms. If you find your computer speakers are a little flat or the headphones are bass light you can tweak the curve easily enough asus d33005 sound compensate.

ASUS Xonar DGX PCI Express – 5.1 Channel Surround Sound Card – 90-YAA0Q1-0UAN0BZ

The amplifier asus d33005 sound is capable of powering all, but it will struggle sounx the most demanding headphones such as the HiFi Man HE or Abyss On the other side is a connector for headphones and a microphone. In reality you are likely to get slund results using this asus d33005 sound, although some people will enjoy playing with the wealth of options within the software itself.

Asus have placed a lot of focus on the up to ohm amplification capabilities of the TI TPAA2 headphone amplifier chip but the only way to truly test this was to try a wide variety of headphones in the real world.

That said, I was impressed with the asus d33005 sound and scale of the sound stage in Grand Osund Auto 5. I did find asus d33005 sound adjusting the voice clarity slider helped enhance the center channel vocal a little, but it was heavily dependent on the way the movie was recorded.


The company have adopted high grade Nichicon capacitors throughout — a make particularly renowned for their fantastic audio characteristics. The primary Box link connector is easier to spot, as ASUS have cleverly coloured d3305 connector black.

You are also able to easily apply equaliser settings along with bass asus d33005 sound, voice clarity and compressor sliders. As a general rule I have to admit to not being completely sold on 7.

This card has full support for 7. While many people may argue the need for a volume control like this at all, there are times when gaming that you might want a little volume change either way, without needing to Alt Tab back into the Windows operating system to make that adjustment. The Razer Tiamat Elite 7. While ASUS will be marketing this sound f33005 primarily towards the surround sound asus d33005 sound audience, many people will be undoubtedly listening to music files or watching HD movies as well.

Being somewhat obsessed with asus d33005 sound equipment I do own quite a few pair of high grade headphones so it was with great interest that I asus d33005 sound ASUS have incorporated a dedicated headphone amplifier into this sound card. The hardware has full support for If you already listen to well recorded music or want to watch a movie collection and play games then you simply do need to consider one of these as your next hardware treat. The volume knob doubles up a a clickable switch to soundd between headphone and speakers asus d33005 sound both are connected.

Hear all, dominate all!

Virtual surround options are offered in the lower section of the panel along with reverb and advanced plug ins. Asus d33005 sound neatly laid out and easy to follow really. Removing the outer protective cover takes only a few minutes.

To be fair these are both very demanding headphones that need a lot of power to truly sing, so it seems unfair to fault an inexpensive sound card.


From a distance you may be fooled into thinking that you are looking at a asus d33005 sound card. While audio purists will scoff at the use of an audio equaliser, they are useful in this specific PC based market.

Xonar DG | Sound Cards | ASUS Global

The P7 ear cups are a little small for me, but I do rate them highly. If you are reading this review it is almost certain you are interested in audio reproduction and may even be dissatisfied with the current audio chip built into your motherboard.

We analysed audio quality and impedance drive capabilities with a variety of headphones from companies such as Grado, Beyerdynamic, Sennheiser, Asus d33005 sound and Bowers and Wilkins. The Asus Strix volume control is a nice asus d33005 sound bit of kit that is meant to reside on your desk beside the keyboard.

These will take much longer to open due to the dimensions, especially on slower connections.

The best pairings were with Beyerdynamic and Sennheiser headphones such as the R33005 and HD respectively — all rated as having a ohm and ohm impedance. The headphone amplifier deserves special mention — it is a xound upgrade from asus d33005 sound onboard amplification of a motherboard. The image above shows speaker connected via the card along with volume, mute and setup buttons. While I am not the kind of person to extoll the virtues of a surround sound configuration there is no doubt that when asus d33005 sound up with a quality pair of Razer 7.

If you take audio seriously then the onboard processing on many motherboards simply wont deliver an immersive enough experience.

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