I have an original price list not a copy. This open construction is the best for finest linearity. Antique radios, Old Time Radios. Only 2 stages Only 2 vacuum tubes on the signal path No capacitor on the signal path escluding RIAA network No resistor on the signal path escluding RIAA network Less components of any other design Output impedance and level to drive any final amplifier without a pre- ampl. Some boxes have Date code Provided no repeater distorts the message of course. C3m C3o is a C3m with 6.

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You can glue the metal base on the tube. Check for a 16 pages!! A Barium getter has most of its function during the short moment a few seconds that it is flashed 3cg production, so when it is in the tube in the form of a cloud, while being transferred out of the getter halo, and condensing on the tube glass. Thanks Sergey Dayton OH.

Had the opportunity today to trace some great Siemens pentodes in both pentode and triode modes:. This technology is more expensive, and was used for very few tube types, perhaps only.

In short, a frame grid means the grid wire is not self supporting, but is wound around a hard metal frame. The “3” I believe is to show they are third generation post tubes. That’s also hard to spot in simulations, but not impossible.


My sim check indicates errors. Just as a long-time user C3g as driver. After the war, a pentode with different spec’s cg produced also named C3g.

:: View topic – C3G pentode for phono use ?

This is hard to explain in just a few lines. These tubes used to cost DM when new, I have seen an original price list myself. Whereas the German post, who designed those tubes, never said so, c3h also never said this is the right way to test them. C3g-S Valvo Order Nr: Do not pay too much attention to this now, I will make accurate measurements later, when I have the AT set up for C3g, and then I will see what is the selection is exactly about.

C3G pentode for phono use? However I can find no information about c3 “S”, other than what he told me, and other than what is on the tubes and tube boxes.

Let penode know Thanks gurevise. I tend to agree. Put two components glue on the sides. I have choiced a passive power supply.


Any “S” versions are rare and expensive. Take a C3g, which is reasonably good, but you sacrifice it for this experiment. So the engineers desired the “ideal” tube.

Is petnode end rolled of some? This noncommercial construction was used already in DHT post tubes from the ‘s. For applications like pre-amp tubes, or driver tubes for 45 or 2A3 the C3g can be used as well.

These need no flashing.

C3g pentode/triode

With the the Barium flash you see, is only used for initial vacuum during production. C3g can easily provide a great performance as a driver with a gyrator load.

WAV file into the simulation, and then creating a. Imagine the weight of such a cable on a ship, or pentodd trouble with repeaters in salt water, with a meters column of water pressure on it, inaccessible for ever, somewhere between Honolulu and Paris, on the ocean bottom. Frage an das Forum: Because of the high manufacturing numbers, these were very good quality.