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Open the Device Manager by a right Mouse Click on: Then run the installation driver setup program and plug the USB cable. Alternatively, if your computer is equipped with serial RS ports then you can use a serial port connection to the netMod. Remove both modems and reconnect the USB cable without restarting your computer. Check the properties of your connection from its icon and click “configure”. Do not use long connection cables.

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Try not to be connected with the ISP at busy hours.

You have to uninstall or temporarily disable these programs before using the port to connect to the Internet. I have an account for an ISDN connection at kbps. Check that the modem is connected properly to the mains and the power led is on.

If there is a device called USB Composite Device, click on it and then click on the button Remove to delete this component. For Macintosh operating systems, please use the available script drivers or select from the list of modems the “3com impact isdn 64K” which is a compatible modem.

Download and install Intracom S.A. Intracom netMod USB Driver Ver CAPI – driver id

Answer This is a common problem for many users. The easiest way to upgrade the netMod firmware is by using the latest version of the Configuration Manager, a special for this purpose program that you can download from our website. Click on the Remove button to delete the old driver settings.

Recent Drivers  OPTION G10322 DRIVER

For a quick chronological overview of all USB Driver changes, view changes.


Answer The drivers that are available on our website work well with all home-computer operating systems. I connect a device capable netmo-dusb serving CLIP on the analogue port, but the calling party’s number does not appear. This page provides full instructions on the netMod USB software driver update procedure, as well as the latest available drivers for intrwcom.

Update your firmware and the USB drivers for netMod according to the installation guides of our webpage.

Intracom S.A. Intracom netMod USB Driver Ver 4.21.17 (CAPI) Free Driver Download

Contact the computer’s manufacturer to help you about this subject. Unload older software driver versions In Windows Explorer, open the directory C: No, this is a normal behaviour.

Answer No, this is a normal behaviour. While I am connected to the Internet I am facing a lot of problems. Start of page Analog modem or Fax Question I connect an analogue modem or Fax on the analogue port, but when I accept an incoming call my modem or Fax connection is interrupted. The programs that you used before were compliant with analogue modems. Check your installation and verify that the device is working properly.


You can find the information about the setup and configuration process on our web site. Unzip this file ntemod-usb a temp directory and run the selLangMsetup.

Is the netMod driver compatible with Windows XP? Check your settings on the connection icon as it is possible that you selected an analogue modem for the Internet connection e. You can install this type of modem by using the “Add hardware” wizard, skipping search and selecting “from a specified location”. What can I do to make them function?

Your old account is valid for connection with an analogue modem. Then run the Configuration Manager, select “update” and give the right filename software.

Just connect it via a serial RS port as standard modem bps. Please select continue anyway Microsoft’s message to finish the installation.

Answer Please refer to the following situations according to the received error code: Check if some software occupies the COM port where netMod is installed.

By using a text editor open every file with the name oemx. ATD, Hang up string: