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But there is that SCSI thing to deal with. Here’s where you crop as well, or use auto-crop, which works quite well if you wish to use the entire frame of the picture. Jim Hutchison is a hobby photographer who lives in Calgary, Canada with his wife Moira and Buddy the cat. Here, the current contents of your cropping frame are displayed in the center of a matrix of images, with those around the edges of it representing the effects of more or less contrast or brightness. The tone curve controls in the Dimage Scan software work like those of most any high-end image editing program:

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Still, scanning is mlnolta PITA. The film adapter is hinged, but only to the extent that a plate flips up to expose the recess into which the film is laid. As such, they’re more powerful than the histogram controls, but you have less feedback as to what parts of the image you’re affecting, and it’s much easier to get lost in your adjustments with them.

Konica Minolta Dimage Scan Dual Pass-Through Scanner

If it won’t handle at least 2GB 4GB would be betterthink abut replacing it. I do this with mine. Notice the sliders under the individual histogram curves.

Using the ancient technology Keep in mind you get what you pay for. It’s the importing and exporting in Photoshop that’s currently killing me, and if all I need is a simple upgrade to the computer, I’d go that route, but I’m looking for the cheapest option.


For whatever reason, most scanner software seems to overly complicate the relationship between input and output resolution and file size. Assuming you know which frames you want to scan, it’s an easy matter to select the ones you want, prescan them, make whatever adjustments you’d like for each, and then have the scanner batch-scan them all, by control- or command-clicking to select those you’re interested in before pressing the “Scan” button.

This page was last updated: In practice, you’ll find that the eyedropper controls offer a very quick way to color-balance many problem images in a matter of seconds. There are other “nerd sczn to play with as well, including a barrage of image manipulation options such as histograms, color balance, etc.

Comparison between DiMAGE Scanners

Skip to main content. Vuescan helps a lot on the workflow, I’ve just found it’s less than stable with my SD3.

This scanner is great when you consider that it’s very old age means that it is a bargain as long as it is still working properly.

If the scanner is set to sample 8 times in 16 bit mode, find something else to do sacn a few minutes. In fact, dijage you can find an appropriate version of Vuescan it may work with the computer you have. Overall a pretty decent, inexpensive machine.

A little experimenting will reveal that a steeply sloping curve produces high contrast, while a flatter one produces less.

Minolta DiMAGE Scan: Scanners | eBay

There are three basic steps, starting with an index scan that creates thumbnails of each slide. It was only minolta dimage scan dual f a handful of times and has been sitting neatly in my closet since. The centering fingers gripped a particularly thick plastic-and-glass slide mount quite a bit more firmly than they did standard cardboard ones, but handled a wide range of mounts well.

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A minor bump of the midtone point using the histogram control quickly brought the overall tone into a reasonable range though.

One odd point about saved and subsequently recalled histogram corrections though: We found the 8-bit color depth sufficient for negatives and well-exposed slides, but the Scan Dual did have trouble with our extremely dense “Train” slide. Note that the controls labeled “APS Only” do not appear in this window if 35mm is selected as the film type: Resolution of the Dimage Scan Dual was excellent, but hard to “call” based on our standard test targets.

Often, we find ourselves wanting to save a group of settings before engaging in further experimentation, so we have a known good point to return to if our twiddling goes awry.

Konica Minolta Dimage Scan Dual II Scanner

About this product Product Information The Dimage scan dual is a desktop film scanner that allows you to perfectly scan APS to 35mm and even medium-format photograph. Yes, I should’ve used Krauts Taking advantage of this, Minolta offers a “Variations” tool, as shown in the screen shot below.

Includes scanner, power cord, and data cable. Anything brighter will also be set toand darker values will be “stretched” smoothly.