I understand up to the point that I have to turn of the local sounds but where will the sound come from. Enjoying this blog immensely, and, many, many thanks!!! If i buy a Usb a male to usb a female or a Usb a male to usb b female would i still need a audio cable or no? You will connect the interface to one USB port, and then connect the Yamaha to another. Do not post pictures of text here, they will be removed. Anyway thanks I owe you one.

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I use Notation Musician software to play my music selections. Only start up your recording software after you have checked that the IO2 is being recognised.

You would only be able to record the sound. Jane, I am trying to use my Yamaha P to communicate to Finale software, specifically to use the Hyperscribe function in which you can play on the keyboard yamaha ypt 210 usb midi the music is notated directly in the software.

Now, im looking at getting a yamaha yptt e and im struggling to find a lead. I have installed garageband, lmms, and mixcraft yamaaha im seriously confused and worried it may not pick it up.

That being said, I do know for sure that it’s reading it because the Track In Indicator 2210 blinking. I will be 50 May 31, and decided I am going to follow my passion for music, peace, unity, illumination, etc.


How to Connect a MIDI Keyboard to a Computer

You might only want to tie up one USB port. Unless you have hardware synths there is no need for the out on your yamaaha, and therefore no need to set it up. Thanks yamaha ypt 210 usb midi your time! You may not use it on more than one CPU. Here is a link to the manual. M Audio has a guitar line connect and a mic input connect. Hi, I have a Casio ctk keyboard and want to connect it to my pc with Windows 8, I want to use it with fruity loops The two devices will work fine alongside yamaha ypt 210 usb midi.

I have had to renew my PC.

Read Before Posting!

Yamaha ypt 210 usb midi after submitting my last comment about MIDI for beginnersI came across an illuminating quote from your good yqmaha. I no longer use a desktop computer. As I am thinking of buying it.

Or at least you can download the manual and have a good look through at what to expect from it.

However, having a dedicated interface or USB mixer will give a better recording result. I would recommend buying a branded one, one with good manufacturer and tech support.

Anyway as I have got your attention, could you please let me have your opinion of Mixcraft? Hello Jane I have a very simple home set up my keyboard is an Evolution Mk it only has midi out.


Hi, do not know the PC3X specifically, but it sounds as if you could do with a really good software synth which you could use. What software should Yqmaha get to add synthesised sounds like a piano or a drum yamaha ypt 210 usb midi so its mapped onto my keyboard?

How to Connect a MIDI Keyboard to a Computer

Thanks for getting in touch. I have just purchased a Korg Volca Sample which has annold style Din midi in connector. Jsb thoughts you have are greatly appreciated Jane! Without more info cannot say exactly which cable. Then this article, recently updated, looks at the ultimate Synth VST plug-ins http: Compatible with PC, Mac and iPad. Good luck with that yamaha ypt 210 usb midi

If i buy a Usb a male to usb a female or a Usb a male to usb b female would i still need a audio cable or no? Hello Jane, love this site and would appreciate if you could answer some queries.